Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Petrit Beqiri - O miku im

Petrit was born in 1977 in the city of Peja, Kosovo. Petrit had a pretty good start in the field of music having had his grand dad a well known folk singer, Xhavit Beqiri. This enabled him to often take part in the "Sofra Pejane" type folk singing. "Sofra Pejane" is a traditional way of performing original folk music where singers, while performing, encircle a "Sofra" with food and drinks (sofra: albanian round dining table with short legs), sitting cross-legged and sing in turn or aid a main singer. He studied piano in Kosovo and then, as a young teenager, moved to New York (USA) where his uncle was living. There he continued studies in the field of music but for personal reasons did not complete. So far one album "Malli" has been recorded by Petrit and this videoclip is a sign that he plans to fully come back to music again. This music video was, I think, promoted beginning of January 2007 and as you can see its RTV21 production.

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