Friday, July 07, 2006

Blero feat Memli Ritmi I rruges Kthehu ti Video

Song: - Fotografia
Song: - Mos me refuzo
Song: - Sdu shoqe
Song: - Eja Ti
Video Song: - Dridhe
Song: - Ende te dua
Song: - Pa pritur
Song: - Mshele Gojen
Song: - O Baby Kthehu Ti
Song: - Dridhe
Song: - Pa ty
Song: - Mos me Refuzo
Song: - The way I am
Song: - Dua te Jem Me ty
Albanian RnB singer Blero and his chartbreaker "Kthehu ti" featuring rapper Memli. There's also an english version of this song. Please Leave Your comment What you Think About This Music Video...


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