Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bleona qereti Video

Date of Birth: 14.05.1979
Place of birth: Korçe
Place: Tirana
Height: 174 Cm
Wight: 57Kg
Zodiac: Taurus

One of the most well-known singers, actress and show-girl from Albania , Bleona's audience stretches from within Albania to the surrounding major Albanian Communities. These include, Kosovo , Macedonia , Montenegro as well as the Diaspora in Western Europe and the United States . Since she was young girl, she was actively engaged in different youth artistic activities in her hometown of Korca and Elbasan. Her first international representation was in the Balkans Festival in 1991 in Preveza , Greece . During 1991-1994 she worked as singer and show-girl in a variety show of the professional theater “Skampa”.

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