Sunday, August 06, 2006

Zanfina Ismaili As I Fundit As I Pari Video

Zanfina Ismajli Video - "As i fundit, as i pari" eng. "neither last, neither first" he he the golden middle...
This is the song from "Festivali Veror Celesi Muzikor 2006" that goes something like this "The Music Key (Clef) Summer Festival" gosh... hard to translate, but, just to give you an idea to those who don't understand albanian, even though, there is no point in translating titles. The festival was held in Prishtina, Friday 4th August 2006 and was organised by Zico Company as the main sponsor. Moderators were Armend and Laura. Some good names participated (besides the main winners), like, Gresa Behluli alias Gressa, Anjeza Branka, Naser Berisha, Big Mama, Gold AG, Lori, Mad Lion, Emira Ademi, Koza Nostra, Albina's Band, Vjollca Haxhiu, Berkan Ramadani alias Berkani, Lirie Dedvukaj, Genta Mucaj, Adelina Berisha, Shpendos feat Burim Shala, Dafina Dauti, Ridi MC, Rajmond Prenaj, Fibi, Gazmend Rexhepi etc. forgive me if I forgot someone. As guests were Ryva Kajtazi, Aurora and Rovena Stefa.
There were many prizes distributed but the main ones went as follows:
- Zanfina won 1st Prize.
- 2nd Prize was shared between Bertan Asllani - "Fukara pa dashuri" and Monika Salihu - "A po don ti pak". By the way, Monika is the daughter of Aziz Salihu, a famous boxer.
- 3rd Prize went to, in fact shared again, between Donjeta Krasniqi - "Jeto castin" and Tina - "Edhe kete vere".
Worth mentioning that special event prizes were awarded to music veterans, Nexhmije Pagarusha, Bashkim Paquku (Pacuku) and Shpresa Gashi as our music treasures of all time.
Prizes were presented by Avni Qahili.
Now listen to the winning song below and I want your comments, lots of comments.
Shiqoni kengen fituese me poshte dhe ju lutem, si gjithnje, leni komente sa ma shume, mos t'ju vie marre, t'mira t'kqija, sasht me rendesi. Me rendesi eshte te jepni mendimin sido qe te jete. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

girl learn how to sing live and not with a background music that just shows how not so called talent are u and also learn how to hold the mic so no one can realy know that u arent singing live oooooooooo and learn How TO FUCKIN DANCE my grandma can dance better than u

dina said...

zanfina je njesh teper te mir e ki kangen veq vazhdo kshtu sija ke fillu tung te pershendes dina shkup