Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nexhmije Pagarusha Mirusha Video

Nexhmije Pagarusha was born in the small village of Pagarusha, near the city of Malisheva. She finished the primary school in Malisheva and then went in Belgrade, where she attended three years in the school of music, in the solo canto section.
She began her music carrier as a singer for Radio Prishtina in 1948.
Her music creative work lasted for almost 40 years, and it is very hard to say, which genre she belongs to, because she sang almost all of them. Her interpretations in folk music were exactly as perfect as her interpretations in the classic music, especially opera.

Pagarusha was loved by the music critics and adored from the music admires. She was called Bilbili i Kosovës (Kosovarian Nightingale), queen of the Albanian music, Madam Butterfly, etc.

She gained great popularity not just in her country but also in other European lands, such as Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria etc. She led a several tours with the music assemble Shota in this lands, and also in Israel.

In her land she gained the title Kengetare e shekullit (Singer of the century).

The song Baresha (Heardswoman) is one of her most popular songs. It was composed by her husband, Rexhep Mulliqi and the text was written by Rifat Kukaj.
Pagarusha played in many theater stages and movies and also as an actress she won many prizes.
She ended her music carrier in 1984 after a concert in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In 2000 she appeared with one song: Për ty (For you) in one Albanian TV show, after 16 years of abstinence.

Now she works as a higher adviser for music in Radio Kosova and in Radio Blue Sky, both located in Prishtina.

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