Friday, October 20, 2006

Elsa Lila Video

Elsa Lila - Larg Urrejtjes
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Elsa Lila - Moj e bukura
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ElsaLila - Pyeslotin
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Elsa Lila - Valeria
] Elsa Lila wins second prize in Kazakhstan
TIRANA, Aug 7 (ATA) - By Eno Popi: Elsa Lila, 16, from Albania has been awarded the second prize in the "Voice of Asia" festival in Kazakhstan.
Lila, who is twice winner of first prize in the latest song festivals in Albanian radio television sang her winning songs in Kazakhstan festival "Appease hatred", "Ask the tear" and the new song "Song of Lahutar" composed by Valentin Veizi who is considered as the "explorer of Lila's talent."

"I could hardly expressed myself in the stage to whom I dedicated the prize but in Kazakhistan media I said that I had dedicated the prize only to Albania," Lila said in an interview with ATA after her arrival in Tirana. pas/ak/

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