Tuesday, November 07, 2006

M-AFIA Rugova Video

This Song Is dedicated For IBRAHIM RUGOVA
Ibrahim Rugova (December 2, 1944 – January 21, 2006) was the first President of Kosovo and of its leading political party, the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).

During the many conflicts in Kosovo, Rugova was regarded as a moderate ethnic Albanian leader, and later by some as "Father of the Nation.[1]

Ibrahim Rugova was born on December 2, 1944 in Crnce/Cerrcë, Kosovo near the end of World War II.[2] At this time, Kosovo was unified with Albania (controlled by the Italians since 1941, and later by the Germans since 1943). Yugoslav control was re-established towards the end of the war when the Yugoslav Partisan army of Tito defeated Albanian nationalists for control of the province. His father Ukë Rugova and his paternal grandfather Rrustë Rugova were summarily executed in January 1945 by Yugoslav communists, who accused them of being allies of the Germans in the war, though Rugova himself claimed that they were Partisans.[2] Rugova finished primary school in Istok/Istog and high school in Peć/Peja,[2] graduating in 1967.

He moved on to the newly established University of Priština, where he was a student in the Facility of Philosophy's Department of Albanian Studies and participated in the 1968 Kosovo Protests.[2] He graduated in 1971 and re-enrolled as a research student concentrating on literary theory. As part of his studies, he spent two years (1976-1977) at the École Pratique des Hautes Études of the University of Paris, where he studied under Roland Barthes.[2] He received his doctorate in 1984 after delivering his thesis, The Directions and Premises of Albanian Literary Criticism, 1504-1983.

Rugova was active as a journalist throughout the 1970s, editing the student newspaper Bota e Re ("New World") and the magazine Dituria ("Knowledge"). He also worked in the Institute for Albanian Studies in Priština, where he became the editor-in-chief of its periodical, Gjurmime albanologjike ("Albanian Research"). He joined the Yugoslav Communist Party during this period[2]; as in many other communist states, Party membership was essential for anyone who wanted to advance their careers. Rugova managed to make a name for himself, publishing a number of works on literary theory, criticism and history as well as his own poetry. His output earned him recognition as a leading member of Kosovo's Albanian intelligentsia and in 1988 he was elected chairman of the Kosovo Writers' Union

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