Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ritmi I Rruges Feat NRG BAND - Ushtar I Rruges Video

Ritmi i Rruges (The Rhythm of the Street) is one of the most popular and successful Albanian rap groups, who also pioneered the genre and coined the term Albanian Rap, to describe this merger of Rap music with original Albanian-themed lyrical contents. They come from Pristina, the capital of Kosovo and members of the group are Memli Krasniqi and Arbër Reçi. They formed the band Ritmi i Rrugës in 1995 and have released three albums since then:

Bota Eshte e Jona (The World is Ours) 2000
Obsesion (Obsession) 2002
Përjetësisht (Eternally) 2004
Ritmi i Rruges have released a great number of hit singles and they have performed all over Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and throughout Europe, in front of huge, largely Albanian audiences.

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