Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ledina Qelo - Jemi Te Huaj Music Video

Ledina Celo (born on 9 February 1977) is an Albanian singer.

In December 2003 she hosted the Albanian national Final for the Eurovision Song Contest.

One year later she participated herself and won with Nesër Shkoj, on the Eurovision she decided to sing in English with Tomorrow I Go. She immediately qualified for the final due to the good result of Anjeza Shahini in the previous year. She came in 16th place.

Ledina Celo has a very successful discography. Some of her songs include:

  1. San Valentino

  2. Te Dua Se Je Ti

  3. Vagabonds Of Love

  4. Ma Ke Prish Gjumin E Nates

  5. Fal

    Her song "E Doni Dashurine" has been reported to be the most applauded song in Festivali I Këngës history, a total of 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

    In 19 November 2006, Ledina Celo won 2nd place in the Kenga Magjike song festival with the song "Jemi Te Huaj", a power ballad.

    In 1995 she wins the second prize in RTV Song Festival with her song "E Doni Dashurine" (You Like Love). Then, in1995 she wins the first prize with her song "Fal" (Forgive). In 1998-1999 she goes on tour throughout Europe. In 2000, she continues to build her artistic career, pursuing a modeling career in London. During that time, she launches her first album in Albanian.

    After returning from London, in 2001 on the first edition of "Netët e Klipit Shqiptar" (Nights of Albanian Clips) she wins best singer and her music video is awarded with the first prize.

    In 2002, she participates in the second edition of "Star Academy" in Paris where she enters the finales. There she signs her first contract for musical comedy.

    In 2003 wins the producers prize in "Kenga Magjike" (Magic Song) festival. We then see her as a show hostess along showman Adi Krasta on RTV Song Festival.

    After this success, she begins her artistic tour in Beirut, Libyan where she approaches a contract from Elefetriades Production.

    In the summer of 2004 she returns with a video clip of "Vagabond Nga Dashuria" (Vagabond Of Love) and at the end of this year, she wins the first prize on RTV Song Festival with her song "Neser Shkoj" (I will Go Tomorrow). This song will represent Albania on European Festival 2005 in Kiev.

    In January of 2005, she wins the audience award on "Kënga Magjike" (Magic Song) Festival.

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