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Nikolle Nikprelaj - Kenga e Zagrepit Music Videos

Song - C'jane keto dallge
Song - Drenica
Song - Djali me nafake
Song - Fukaraja
Song - Hape deren
Song - Jam Azil
Song - Jeta ime jeta jone
Song - Kacurrelja
Song - Lule moj
Song - Lumi une
Song - Moj zoge
Song - Ne Kosove ka ardhur liria
Song - O ju vellezer nga Kosova
Song - Orkestrale
Song - Si dikur ne Gjirokaster
Song - Thirrja
Song - Vallja e paqes

Nikolle Nikprelaj is a famous Albanian singer from Triesh, Malësi e Madhe (Montenegro). He is arguably to be known as the best Albanian singer of all time. Nikolla always had a passion for singing, he started to sing as a professional in his late-teen years. Nikprelaj is also the head singer for the famous Albanian folk group "Besa Trieshit". The group won first place numerous times in many concerts and festivals within Montenegro and Albania. Nikolla is also well known for playing several Albanian intruments which include the lahuta, çiftelia, sharkia, and bylbyli (flute).

Over the years, Nikolla signed to several different music studios in Montenegro, the United States, and Kosovo. During the war in Kosovo, he created an album to support the Kosovar people throughout the war with Serbia. The album was called Çlirimtarët Kokë Për Tokë which was released in 1999. This album was a hit to the people of Kosovo, and as a result, Nikolla became very known within the region for his remarkable voice and touching patriotic songs about the Albanian struggle over history.

Over time, he began to sing in duets with other famous Albanian singers like Shkurte Fezja, Liria Dedvukaj, Lekë Dedvukaj, Krist Lleshi, Mahmut Ferati, Malësori, and etc. Nikprelaj also participated in singing at concerts in New York, Michigan, Malësia (Montenegro), Kosovo, Albania, and Germany. Today, he lives with his wife and two boys in the town called Tuzi, which is located south of the capital Podgorica in Montenegro. As to having successful albums, Nikolla was also known to having many single-hits aside from the albums. These hit singles include; "Prej Një Shpat", "Nuk Komë Tjetër Veç Nji Nanë", "Jam Ni Djal Nga Malësia", "Mos Me Harro", "Kuqë E Zi U Vëshë Malësia", and others.

Album Collection:

Hitet E Shtepisë Muzikore.
Çlirimtarët Kokë Për Tokë.
Folk 2000.
Ti S'ke Shpirt.

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