Saturday, May 12, 2007

Serbia's Eurovision song is stolen from Albanian Singer SONI

A striking similarity exists between "Molitva" sang by Marija Serifovic in Eurovision 2007 and an albanian song "Ndarja" performed by Soni Malaj in Top Fest 3 in 2006, Albania. It is obvious, they tried to hide their tracks, but there is no doubt Serbia's song is nothing more than a recompilation of an existing song, tunes that we're already familiar with. Please note this is note a hate driven campaign. We simply could not overlook the fact that this song is too close in tunes to an existing song. It would be stupid to copy 100% of a song of course, but its clever if you rebrush an already successful song, which is exactly what might have happened here. It is in the interest of all to be investigated by professionals who know what to look for. Let them decide! Note: Topfest 3 started 12th December 2005 and finals held on 16th April 2006, Tirana. There were 162 singers in total. Soni won "Best Song" award, enough to draw attention of opportunist composers who look around for local music with hit tunes, to use for their next hit song. You get the idea don't you!

E Shini Tash Nuk Do me than se vetem Shqiptaret Vjedhin keng nga Serbet apo te tjeret Edhe ata vjedhin nga ne Shqiptaret Komentoni ket video

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